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24EN 编者按:现在可能正是应届学生们四处投简历找工作的时候,下面是给应届大学生(毕业生)的找工作四点建议和注意事项。希望对大家有所帮助。

24EN Editor"s Note:Perhaps nowadays a lot of graduates are busy delivering resumes all over the place in order to hunting for desirable jobs.There are four  main  suggestions and tips to consider.Hopefully these tips will get you started on the right foot...


 I will never forget how lost I felt the summer after my graduation from college, and in the nine years since, I"ve spoken to countless 20-somethings who feel incredibly pressured to find their true calling immediately and build a successful career in a particular field before their 25th birthdays。


A more realistic challenge is to ease yourself slowly into the work world by following a few strategies that many people don"t try until they"re well into their 30s. School probably taught you a lot of things, but the business world"s unique set of rules may not have been part of the story。


Hopefully these tips will get you started on the right foot:


Pick a Career Instead of a Job


Looking for a job haphazardly, because you majored in something or because you saw a listing that looks somewhat interesting, you"ll risk getting started in a career that holds no real appeal for you, and then you"ll have to leave it to find something else. Why not plan your career strategically, just like you planned your education?


Start by doing a self-assessment that teaches you things about yourself that you might never have thought about -- for example, what you like and don"t like in a work environment, what defines success for you, and what type of work would make you want to sit in traffic for hours just for the privilege of showing up. Knowing these things can help you determine which occupations could be a good fit for you。


If You Can"t Get a Job Right Away, Don"t Despair.


If you start thinking of yourself as a victim or allow yourself to lapse into prolonged negativity, you won"t be hurting anyone except yourself. Worrying until you get sick, abusing drugs or denying that you"ve reached an impasse won"t help either. The best strategy for moving on is to recognize the reality of the situation, acknowledge your feelings and find a way to cope productively. Reach out to your support systems, and consider taking some time off -- after all, you"ll never have the freedom of being between school and work again!


Network Like Mad in Your Chosen Field


A huge percentage of job openings aren"t advertised because employers prefer to hire people through word of mouth. Developing relationships with people working in your field, then, means that you"re top of mind whenever they hear of a new opportunity。


Learn about new contacts by researching firms in your industry, joining social networking sites like LinkedIn, asking your parents" friends, and joining relevant professional associations. Approach individuals by e-mail first, and don"t put them on the defensive by asking for a job outright. Instead, show curiosity about their career path and see if they"ll agree to lunch or coffee。


Don"t have a sense of entitlement -- your company isn"t responsible for your career growth: you are. Only approach your boss with a problem or complaint if you"ve explored all options for resolving it yourself. When you do, be prepared with a solution you could implement with her help。


The words I don"t have time should never escape your lips. If you know something needs to be done, do it without being prodded. Your boss will quickly come to see you as someone she can count on and a huge asset to the team. If you have conflicting priorities, ask your boss to help sort them out。


Don"t Think of Your First Job as the Be All, End All to Career Stardom


How can you master the skills it takes to get ahead without putting any time in the trenches? That"s like saying you could win an Olympic medal in swimming without learning to doggie paddle first. Look at your first post-college positions as temporary stops on your career path instead of permanent ones. Don"t be in such a rush to get promoted either -- you have a long career life ahead of you to shoulder the heavy burden of being on top. In the meantime, enjoy getting paid to learn everything you can so that snagging your next job isn"t quite as challenging!


不遗余力拼音:bù yí yú lì解释:遗:留;余力:剩下的力量。把全部力量都使出来,一点不保留。出处:《战国策·赵策三》:“秦之攻我也,不遗余力矣,必以倦而归也。”《史记·平原君虞卿列传》:“秦不遗余力矣,必且欲破赵军。”翻译:1 spare no effort to do我们最熟悉的spar英语学习 -英语翻译
大公无私拼音:dà gōng wú sī解释:指办事公正,没有私心。现多指从集体利益出发,毫无个人打算。出处:汉·马融《忠经·天地神明》:“忠者中也,至公无私。”用法:作宾语、定语、状语典故:春秋时期,晋平公问大夫祁黄羊谁担任南阳县令合适,祁黄羊推荐解狐。然而,解狐是祁黄羊的杀父仇人,晋平公不禁大惊英语学习 -英语翻译
The Crown came under fire last week after producers revealed Matt Smith was paid more than Claire Foy for the first two seasons of the Netflix drama ?英语学习 -英语翻译
草菅人命拼音:cǎo jiān rén mìng解释:草菅:野草。把人命看作野草。比喻反动统治者随意谑杀人民。出处:《汉书·贾谊传》:“其视杀人,若艾草菅然。”典故:秦朝第二任皇帝胡亥在幼年时师从赵高。赵高心理奸诈刁刻,手段狠毒残忍。因而胡亥所学的都是些有关斩杀、割鼻、断筋、甚至夷灭三族的酷刑及其手英语学习 -英语翻译
从容不迫拼音:cóng róng bù pò解释:从容:不慌不忙,很镇静;不迫:不急促。不慌不忙,沉着镇定。出处:《旧唐书?刘世龙传》“而思礼以为得计,从容自若,尝与相忤者,必引令枉诛。”语法:作谓语、定语、状语;含褒义翻译:形容词:1 composed and steady经验丰富的老教授在台上英语学习 -英语翻译
嗤之以鼻拼音:chī zhī yǐ bí解释:嗤:讥笑。用鼻子吭声冷笑。表示轻蔑。出处:《后汉书·樊宏传》:“尝欲作器物,先种梓漆,时人嗤之。”翻译:1 sniff at放在半年前,他一定会对这种做法嗤之以鼻。If it were half a year ago, he would have sn英语学习 -英语翻译
大吃一惊拼音:dà chī yī jīng解释:形容对发生的事感到十分意外。出处:明·冯梦龙《警世通言》第28卷:“则一张那员外大吃一惊,回身便走,来到后边,望后倒了。”用法:作谓语翻译:1 表示“惊”的形容词词组有:be startled at be astonished at be ast英语学习 -英语翻译
这一期要讲的两个成语是背道而驰和背井离乡。背道而驰拼 音:bèi dào ér chí?释义:背:背向;道:道路;驰:奔跑。朝相反的方向跑去。比喻彼此的方向和目的完全相反。出处:唐·柳宗元《〈杨评事文集〉后序》:“其余各探一隅,相与背驰于道者,其去弥远。”典故:魏国的臣子季梁,奉命出使到外国途中听到英语学习 -英语翻译
英语组一等奖宋怡秋(自由译者)二等奖刘正飞(嘉兴职业技术学院)朱瑞旻(北京大学)三等奖王喆(金陵科技学院)朱琼敏(德国耶拿大学)陈欣言(北京师范大学第二附属中学)优胜奖李亚迪(复旦大学)张文宇(辅仁大学)杨恺(上海外国语大学)李慧(四川外国语大学)徐阳(自由译者)柳晓萍(福英语学习 -英语翻译
语言专业的学生,常常遇到很多许久不联系的老同学求助,要么是翻译论文摘要要么是翻译公司文件。不提报价,只谈交情,末了会说:你这英语水平随便翻翻就行了,很快的。几乎所有同专业的同学都遇到过这类情况,也变相折射了大众对翻译的态度:会点英语就能翻;翻译很简单;翻译不值钱。中国的翻译源远流长,但如今的翻译市场英语学习 -英语翻译
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